Letters to the Editor – 3.21.2013

House bill threatens end-of-life choices

Dear Editor:

I’ve had it with the misinformation coming from the group Montanans Against Assisted Suicide (MAAS).  Shame on them.

In 2009, the Montana Supreme Court upheld my right to aid-in-dying.  The means my doctor can write me a lethal prescription, if I am (1) an adult, (2) terminally ill, (3) mentally competent, (4) request the medication myself, and (4) can self-administer it.  I beg to differ with those who would define this as physician-assisted suicide.  Nothing could be farther from the truth if you have ever witnessed the pain-ridden journey of a dying loved one as I have.

MAAS contends that the Supreme Court’s decision renders the elderly among us more vulnerable to having family members conspire to kill them off before their time.  This is nothing more than a smokescreen and fear tactic to win support for a horrible bill now before the Senate Judiciary Committee, HB 505.  HB 505 threatens to send my doctor to jail for even discussing my end-of-life choices with me.  How absurd.  And how dare MAAS or any legislator tell me how I can and cannot die.

Do not be misled by the MAAS campaign of misinformation.  Rather, contact the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and your own state senator today, and urge them to oppose HB 505.  Call (406) 444-4800.  Your right to personal privacy, personal dignity, and individual choice is in their hands.  The confidential relationship you have with your doctor is threatened.  Your doctor is at risk.


Doris Fischer

Sheridan, Mont.

Lake announces school board candidacy

Dear Editor,

After much thought and prayer I have filed as a candidate for the office of School Board Trustee for District No. 52, the Ennis School District.  To serve on a school board is an honor and carries great responsibilities.

There are so many, some overwhelming, factors to consider and in evaluating each one I found myself always coming back to why would you do this? It’s simple, I’m a mother, I have two grandchildren in this school, I love children and children of all ages need every opportunity to succeed. Providing a good, sound education for our children now will be repaid with good, solid productive citizens in the future.  The focus needs to remain on why the school exists– to educate the children. Every one of them counts!

This applies inside and outside of the classroom in every aspect of the school and the community. All the adults involved are role models, including the Trustees. The Trustees, whoever they are, must move forward in resolving the circumstances before them responsibly and in a manner that is above reproach, always setting an example for the students.

Prior to moving to Ennis in 2001 my career was in construction management and accounting and today I use those skills as a loan officer with First Madison Valley Bank.  I am solution-oriented and bring a strong background of successful business and volunteer experience where I have served in leadership positions and team member positions, each carrying a different subset of skills.

I love living in this very special community, full of people supporting one another and giving generously of their time, talents and resources.  It is nothing short of heartbreaking to observe the cloud of dissension that hangs over the school district.  Let’s get beyond the past and move forward.  The board is a team and it takes a majority of that team to approve any change so the only specific promise I can make you is that I will listen to you, I want to hear your questions and concerns and give them my full consideration.  I don’t have all the answers. If I can’t answer your question I’ll find someone who can.  I welcome the opportunity to visit with you and hope that you will call me at 682-7283.

May 7 is Election Day; please exercise your right and responsibility to vote and thank you for your consideration of allowing me to represent you as a Trustee of the Ennis School District.


Maria Lake


Richmann announces candidacy for school board

 Dear Editor,

I am announcing today my candidacy for one of the open seats on the Ennis School Board. Under the new leadership on the Board, I believe we have taken important steps to restore our community’s trust and confidence in the administration of our school system. But I also believe there is still much that needs to be done. It is my hope that in the next few weeks we can settle the district’s issues with the Teachers Retirement System by doing what I and others have advocated through letters in The Madisonian and at School Board meetings over the last two years: Tell the truth and pay our bills. It is also important that our school funds be restored to justifiable amounts and legitimate uses. And we are well past the time of needing to replace the lawyer who brought us to this point.

I look forward to meeting as many people as possible before the election and discussing in more detail the solutions to our current predicament as well as my interest in other issues, which include school security, state-of-the-art technology, international exchange programs, reductions in mill assessments, budgets and fund allocations, returning school finances to local county oversight, new legal representation and the ongoing business of administering a transparent and accountable school district. These are not just words that I put out there to get your vote. They are the reason that I am running and a pledge to you that I will not go back on.

I greatly appreciate your consideration, and I promise to serve you without prejudice or arrogance and to do my best to reunite this community and to continue the legacy of Ennis as the best Class C-school in the state of Montana.


Mike Richmann


MVMC Auxiliary provides volunteer opportunities

To the Editor:

This is in response to the Dear Maddy column on Feb. 21. The person who wrote in was new to the area and feeling very lonely. Maddy’s response was a good one: “Think about volunteering and getting involved in community boards and activities”. One such volunteer service organization is our Madison Valley Medical Center (MVMC) Auxiliary. We are women and men who give of our time and talents to help MVMC maintain the highest standards of excellence in health care.  We would be delighted to have new people in our area come in MVMC and find out more about us. We are available from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday. You may email the auxiliary at reception@mvmedcenter.org. We look forward to hearing from you.

In Service,

Lorrie E. Milford, MVMC Auxiliary President

Ennis, Mont.


I would like to express my gratitude and “thank you” to the medical staff at the Madison Valley Hospital for the tender loving care we experienced during Harrison’s month long stay in that facility. All the nurses, aides and doctors put great effort into making Harrison as comfortable as possible and seeing to his every need. They also kept me company during the long hours of vigil when it was evident that the end was near. I will always be grateful for the compassion and encouragement they extended to me, and the rest of the family, at this difficult time. They were wonderful.


-Signed, Mary Saunders


Thank you

Dear Friends, Thank you for your visits, phone calls, cards and especially prayers as I recover from hip surgery. Knowing friends are thinking of you makes the healing go faster.


-Bobby Klatt


Thank you

The family of Mildred “Millie” Oliver would like to thank everyone for the kindness expressed with the flowers, prayers and cards when she passed away last October. Special thanks to Kenton, Barb and the staff at Generations and Madison Valley Manor and all the staff there for Mom’s exceptional care. We are so lucky to have these two facilities in Ennis. Thank you Dr. Patti Moran, for the loving care given to Millie and the comfort of her family. This is a long overdue Thank You but, nonetheless, heartfelt!


-Millie’s Family – Mary Lou & Dave Smail and family, Allen & Mardi Oliver and family


I want to thank all my family, husband and children and my friends for making my birthday party a big surprise and wonderful time. I will remember that day forever!!

-Thank You, Dorma Helid


Thank you

Thank you to the Madison Valley Rural Fire Department for their quick response and professional handling of the fire here at the ranch.


-The Robison Family


Thank you

Thank you Don & Toni Bowen for the ongoing time and effort you invested to promote the sale of the historic old First Madison Valley Bank building on Main Street Ennis and many thanks to Rikki Dilschneider for representing the purchaser. To Brad Bullock, the Foundation Board remains grateful for the time, material and energy you donated improving the building and meeting with prospective buyers along the way. The professionalism displayed by the four of you made the transaction seamless.


We are sincerely appreciative of the Bowen’s and the Dilschneider’s recent donations to the Madison Valley Medical Center Foundation. You all have contributed to a first-class medical center and critical access hospital…a tremendous asset to local residents and one that makes our region a more desirable to place to live. Again we extend our gratitude to Don and Toni Bowen, Brad Bullock and Rikki and Joe Dilschneider.


-Mary G. Oliver

President of the Madison Valley Medical Center Foundation Board of Directors

Ennis, Mont.

One Response to Letters to the Editor – 3.21.2013

  1. Shara Watts says:

    This is long over due….The Watts family had a lot of tragedy in November of 2012. The community all came together and took care of us as we were there own. There is no way Shane and I can thank each and everyone of you for helping us. All I can say is THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I hope some day we can repay you all in one way or another by truly pay it forward…..

    Shara, Shane and Heaven-Leigh Watts..

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