Letters to the Editor. 3.14.13

Filed for petition to run for Ennis School District

Dear Editor:

Last Friday, I filed the required petition to be a candidate for one of the two open positions for the Ennis School District Board.  As you all know, new information sometimes travels quickly.

I was asked during the following days, “What side of the fence are you on”?  I thought it best to answer the question publicly.  I am not on either “side”.  The “fence” must be mended.  Better yet, the divide between us needs to be torn down, so that we can return our focus together on the always-challenging tasks of providing a quality education for the young members of our community.  I will do my best to assist with that shared goal.

The current circumstances must be dealt with in a responsible manner applying the legal and fiduciary duties required of a school board.  You have my commitment to do so.  Along the way, I intend to save a moment or two to laugh at myself because I am quite sure that a sense of humor will be needed, as the decisions will not satisfy all.

Respect input from all, focus on process not people, be engaged in the understanding of school finance and budgets and strive to provide a high quality educational opportunity for teachers, staff and students, are all pieces of my commitment to each of you.

Please continue to be engaged in the interest of our students and community while restoring dialogue and relationships without the “fence” and choosing “sides”.  I look forward to responding to questions and working with others for the right solutions.

Thank you for your consideration


John Scully


Looking Ahead

Dear Editor,

There is a little hint of spring in the air, and as we know this is Montana and the weather can change quickly.

There are a few thoughts I would like to share with you. There has been a lot of conversation about hunter access to state lands, for instance the Corner Crossing Bill, I am sorry to say that this turned into nothing more than a political rally. Representative Kary has introduced HB440, which will use money from funding Wildlife habitat to funding hunting access easements across private lands to adjoining public lands. I think this will be a great avenue for gaining hunter access.

Speaking of access, something that really concerns me and should concern all of us is the amount of Federal Land that has been closed off to the public and this practice continues to happen as we speak. An example of how this is accomplished in some areas is if a bridge or culvert washes out they are not replaced. The main excuse is they have no money to replace them. Another thing they are doing is not maintaining access roads, in the hope that they will become bad enough that they can just close them. This is where we are losing millions of acres of access. Gaining our access back, which belongs to “We the People”, remember, these lands are multiple use lands. Federal Land is where our main focus of access should be, which will lessen the pressure on state and private lands. Senator Tester’s Jobs and Recreation Act will do nothing but create less not more access.


Ray Shaw


Thank you for the Support

Ennis Wrestling Club would like to extend a large THANK YOU to everyone in the community that helped to make our 2013 tournament a great success. Thank you very much!

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