Letters to the Editor 2.28.13

Dear Editor,

We the Madison Valley property owners listed below are unanimous in support of the Madison Valley Rural Fire District Capitol Improvement initiatives – specifically funding for “Rapid Response Plan – Phase I” which will be voted on by Madison Valley in March of this year.

We firmly believe the plan is well thought out and should be approved by all voters. This includes all components: 1) Construction and equipping Varney Station #3; 2) Purchase of an Engine/Rescue Unit for Ennis Station #1; 3) Increase operations and maintenance by a permanent levy.

There are many residents who live in areas far removed from existing Fire Stations requiring an extended response time. All landowners and residents of the Bull Wheel Ranch and Shining Mountain Developments live in one of these more remote areas.

As time goes by, more development will occur and therefore more properties will be served by approval of Phase I and then Phase II. Approval will provide these taxpayers the confidence that their lives and properties will be much safer.




David & Carolyn Benjamin Bruce Combs

Milton & Linda Michaelis Pat & Deena Toalson

Larry & Ann Leonard Jack & Stephanie McFarland

Gary & Lori Hadley


Thank you for having a big heart

A BIG THANKS to the community for all of the support in the Valentines “Have a Heart ” hat and glove drive!  It was a huge success!

From all of us at Prudential Montana Ennis


My life, my death, my choice

Dear Editor

The love of my life died of Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) in April of 2009.  Richard progressively lost his ability to walk, hold his head up, use his arms and hands, swallow and breathe.  His basic bodily functions shut down, one by one.  He suffered horrific leg cramps that sometimes lasted nearly an hour.  He felt “stuck” to the bed sheets, like a prisoner in chains.  Richard wanted the comfort of knowing he had the choice to die with dignity as he had lived his life.  Sadly, Richard didn’t get that comfort or that choice, despite best efforts by his doctor and hospice nurses to provide palliative care.

But several months later, the Montana Supreme Court ruled that terminally ill, mentally competent, adult patients could request and receive a prescription for lethal medication from their doctor.  This ruling affirmed Montanans’ right to personal privacy, personal dignity and individual choice at the end of life.

House Bill 505 now before the Montana State Legislature would eliminate that right.  HB 505 is shocking in its attack on both Montana doctors and the dying patients they care for.  This bill presumes to “protect” people like Richard, by jailing doctors who respond to patient requests for aid in dying a peaceful, dignified death.

To fellow Montanans who wish to retain your right to end-of-life choices and also preserve your doctors’ ability to practice medicine in a respectful, compassionate and pain-relieving manner:  Please contact your State Representative immediately.  Ask him/her to vote NO on HB 505. Call 444-4800 or email a message using this link: http://leg.mt.gov/css/Sessions/63rd/legwebmessage.asp.

Currently in Montana, it’s my life, my death and my choice.  Let’s keep it that way.  Lawyers and police officers have no legitimate place in end-of-life conversations between my doctor, my God, and me.


Doris Fischer



Thank you for your hospitality

I would like to gladly thank the Sheridan Library and Velma for all their hospitality and good cheer at my book signing.  I was amazed at how much support there was for me and at the great turn out.  I would also like to thank my friends who supported this event; it means more to me than you will ever know.  Also to the Sheridan Bakery for their very fine spread of goodies, of which most were donated.  I also would like to thank the Twin Bridges Library for their hospitality of my book signing there. It was greatly appreciated that Betty came to open for me, and all my friends who showed up and supported me, and also for the goodies.  There are also many people who have supported me who couldn’t make it to these signings, and I thank you kindly.  I also want to thank the Sheridan Book Club for inviting me to their dinner. I had a great time with everyone there and appreciated all of your support.  It was a great evening. Thank you to everyone!

Love to you all,

Donna Sorenson-Nolte

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