Letters to the Editor 1.9.14

Community exceeds fundraising goal

Dear Editor,

Since moving into the Madison Valley, I have found not only the most beautiful place I’ve ever called home, but also some of the kindest folks I’ve ever met.  The town of Ennis has welcomed me into their school as a FoodCorps Service Member and a partner of Madison Farm to Fork, where I work to ensure that the young people of Madison County gain knowledge about how to make healthy decisions regarding their food, as well as making sure they are being taken care of nutritionally in the cafeteria.

One of the main projects I have undertaken is adding a multi-use shed to the Ennis school garden, which is being funded through an on-going online fundraiser (http://www.crowdrise.com/EnnisSchoolGarden).  Through the donations of many folks in our community and even across the country, we have exceeded our goal of $2,000, and for this I owe much thanks to the community.

There is one person in particular whose generosity served as a wonderful bolster to our fundraising efforts. Working with Steve Elliot (known for his delightful attitude and vintage ice cream truck), we were able to offer ice cream to the entire student body as an incentive for reaching our fundraising goal.  Sure enough, within a week of the challenge being placed, the money had been raised. The day the students were let out for Christmas break, they all had the chance to grab some delicious ice cream served by Steve.  It is my honor to publically thank this cheerfully charitable character, and to wish you all the happiest of New Years! Make it a great one.

Onward and upward,

Demetrius Fassas

FoodCorps Service Member

Ennis, MT


Thank you letter


* Please place the picture of Bill Hadden on horseback in the Upper Ruby (this was the picture omitted from his obituary.


Our family would like to express our appreciation to everyone who called and visited Bill Hadden. Bill enjoyed sharing memories and cowboy stories.

Thank you,

Ralph and Betty Hamler

Grace Hadden


Thank you for your thoughts


The family of Betty Woodward would like to say thank you for all of the thoughts and prayers for her on her road to recovery. Thank you for the food, cards, flowers, gifts, visitors and for all of those asking about her and for the ones that has bought our family meals. It is very much appreciated. For the ones who don’t know where Betty is, she is at the Sheridan Hospital, room 2. Stop and say hi.

The family of Betty Woodward

Sheridan, MT



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