Letters to the Editor 1.24.13

Refinery in North Dakota could save money

Dear Editor,

It seems everyone wants to bury a pipeline from Canada to Texas.

Has anyone thought of processing oil through a refinery in North Dakota and then deliver the finished product? This seems to me it could really reduce cost of gas and other products throughout the United States from a more centralized area than out of Texas.

Lloyd DeBruycker



Life without definition is life without freedom

Dear Editor,

Can life exist without definition? Can death exist without first having life?

The purpose of definitions is to bring order and boundaries to our life. There can be no ending or a beginning without a definition of what is to begin or end.

Do we not collectively recognize a property line as a boundary of what is yours, or someone else? Without property lines, there is no designated right to prosper from the property within the borders of that which is owned.

When a defendant in the courts is charged with the crime of capital murder, and the civil authority cries out to condemn the person to death as punishment. I would suggest there could be no death penalty without first a defined life at stake anymore than a crime of murder without the life of a victim first being defined into existence of the law.

To avoid this reality is to defy the laws of nature and nature’s God. Without preservation of the basic property right to one’s life defined in the culture and in Law, all freedoms are subject to the discretion of others. Science and religion both agree that human life begins at conception. Why do “we the people” allow our public servants to ignore the truth of nature and nature’s God? It’s 40 years past time to do what is right.

Bob Wagner                                                                                                                               Harrison



In the January 10 edition, “Real estate market in Madison County shows encouraging upswing,” a mining company was named as Ruby Valley Garnet LLC. The actual name of the company is Garnet USA, LLC.



In last week’s edition of The Madisonian, the article on Muhammad Khan Nizamani stated that he is here through PH International. He is actually here through the Center for Cultural Exchange (CCI). The technology camp he is attending in Vermont in April is put on and hosted by PH International.



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