Letter to the Editor, Aug. 9 Edition

It’s Olympic show time, Madison County

Dear Editor,

A couple weeks ago, the Fifth Annual Madison Marathon went off without a hitch. There were more than 150 finishers from 25 states and three foreign countries.

For me, there were a lot of cool “visual moments” of race day. This included watching Andrew George, a 16-year old runner from Twin Bridges, cross the finish line into the arms of his family. Andrew won the prize for being the youngest marathoner. It also included 69-year old Bill Whipp from Ohio (the winner of the oldest marathoner prize) who had a unique gimp-sprint finish for the last 100 yards. It wasn’t really running, but it was definitely not walking either. It was something in between and a pleasure to watch. He later wrote to me and said, “The Madison Marathon was my 299th marathon and it’s one I put at the top.”

That’s a good race review, but my favorite visual moment, and race review, was a runner who crossed the finish line, dropped on all fours, and dry heaved. To be honest, he looked like a sick dog. He confirmed this image by actually dry heaving again and then puking. I went to him to see if he was alright, but before I reached him he turned his head, looked me directly in the eyes, smiled, and said, “God, I love this race.”

Go figure.

The Madison Marathon has accomplished something quite unique. Not everyone can understand what this is, but I’ll bet all the Olympic athletes that we’re watching on television will get it. There’s something about pushing yourself to the limit, especially in an environment as beautiful and unique as in Madison County, which gets in your blood. You don’t just puke and love it at any race. We pulled that off with the Madison Marathon. Not bad for a five-year event.

But that’s history. The Sixth Annual Madison Marathon will be here before we know it. However, we need your help now.

This year we are launching two new events – the Madison Duathlon and the Madison Triathlon. This letter is to ask you to sign up and compete.

The Madison Duathlon is this coming Sunday, Aug. 12. It’s a bike/run race from Ennis to Virginia City (bike: 14 miles, run: 6 miles) via Axolotl Lakes Road. You can sign up at www.racemontana.com or you can call the MCEDC office at 682-5923. You can even sign up on race day. There is more information about the race on our website (www.themadisonmarathon.com)

Richard Rose, a 56-year old from Noxon is one of three Madison Trifecta athletes who have already signed up for this year. This means he intends to compete in all three events – the marathon, duathlon, and triathlon. He said his goal is “to complete, not compete” in the events. On race day at the marathon, he was as giddy as a kid on the first day of kindergarten and he had a great race. Guys like Richard are what sports are all about.

So, Madison County citizens, we need you to show up, compete or complete, at this year’s Madison Duathlon. We were successful with the Madison Marathon because we achieved critical mass fairly early on. We can do the same thing with the duathlon and the triathlon, but we need you to sign up and support the event.

Madison County needs you to take part. This is our Olympic moment.

Sam Korsmoe

Madison County Economic Development Council Inc.


Put praise where it belongs

Dear Editor,

If Mr. Wagner would review the results of the primary election, he’ll see that the majority of the voters didn’t buy his attempt to place the blame for his miscue on the vote for the Ennis bridge and Sheridan sewer system on the Governor’s desk.

Legislators were told that if and when the Governor looked to cut the appropriations, he was going to see how that district representative voted for the bills.

Mr. Wagner voted yes in the preliminary vote and then simply to show his disrespect for the Governor, he voted no on the final vote.

Yes, we the voters, thank the rest of the legislators for passing those needed projects; we respect the Governor for making good on his warning to the Legislation and we thank the courts for finding in favor of the projects that had been vetoed.

Wagner’s “no” vote caused more taxpayer’s money to be spent in the courts, but did Mr. Wagner think that the voters of Madison County were going to forget that “no” vote and the childish reason that Mr. Wagner gave when he had to explain to the city of Sheridan why they didn’t get that desperately needed sewer system?

Yes, we saw it was not, “executive mischief” by the Governor, rather a “playground” retort by our district representative. So, Mr. Wagner, “you may take your ball and go home!”

Bill Hanley

Twin Bridge

Redistricting could fracture off parts of House District 71

Dear Editor,

If you have not done so already, now is the time to contact the Montana District and Apportionment Committee (as Kim Miller foretold all of us previously in The Madisonian) to let them know how redistricting will affect you in our traditional voting communities.

Four of the five proposed plans will split Twin Bridges and/or Sheridan off toward Beaverhead County, west of Highway 41. One plan removes a large area north and west of Ennis to Gallatin County. One plan moves land north of Whitehall to Silver Bow County. One plan maintains the district lines as they are now as much as possible with some population changes. The lines can be confusing, so inform yourselves. Your own representation is at stake.

The redistricting committee will meet Aug. 13-17 at the State Capitol in Helena to begin the process at 10 a.m. Information can be seen at www.leg.mt.gov/districting.  You can also contact the committee by email at districting@mt.gov. Redistricting must serve us all, and this is the time for people to speak out and not leave politics to the politicians.

Pat Bradley

Twin Bridge

We The People need more consideration in locally important issues

Dear Editor,

I have some real concerns about what is going on with Fish Wildlife and Parks, and many of our other state agencies. It seems that they have forgotten that they work for us – “We The People” not the other way around. I’m not sure how long it has taken to put a wolf management plan together but enough is enough. After months and months of meetings we still do not have a plan that will work. FWP needs to start listening and working with our livestock producers, sportsman and our county officials who know what is going on. Livestock producers are losing cattle, our elk herds are disappearing, and we are taking a back seat to all the special interests and obstructionists who want nothing more than to see livestock off public lands and to see our hunting as we know it gone. There are also other large predators involved that need to be addressed. The economic impact of all this is huge.

This free ranging bison issue must be put to bed. The last I heard we still have a brucellosis issue that is no where near under control.

People of Montana do not want free ranging bison. Yellowstone Park is where they need to stay. Real Montana people do not want our great state turned into a national park, like our two senators and governor do. We want jobs and the running of this great state to be left to “We The People.”

Please come out and support our young people at the fair. Hope to see you there.

Ray Shaw

Candidate House District 71







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