Judge sentences Maddison to 5 years, 3 suspended

Ryan David Maddison was sentenced to the Department of Corrections (DOC) for five years with three suspended by Judge Blair Jones on Friday, Feb. 21. According to court documents, Maddison pled guilty to three counts of criminal endangerment and waived the right to a trial by jury during an Aug. 26, 2013, hearing when he first appeared before Judge Jones.

The charges of criminal endangerment, each one a felony, stem from a Jan. 31, 2013, incident. According to a filed Information, Maddison allegedly pulled alongside a vehicle on MT Highway 287 between Alder and Sheridan, shouting and firing shots from a semi-automatic pistol. According to court documents, Maddison followed the other vehicle when it pulled over and confronted the driver before returning to his own vehicle and driving away.

The Adult Probation and Parole Bureau conducted a presentence investigation (PSI) report to assist the court in determining an appropriate sentence. Maddison’s attorney Stephanie Kruer and Justin Ekwall, deputy county attorney, both agreed with the sentencing recommended by the PSI. Judge Jones, who appeared via VisionNet, a video conferencing system, then sentenced Maddison in accordance with those recommendations.

Judge Jones sentenced Maddison to the DOC for a term of five years—three suspended—for each of the three counts, though Maddison will serve the terms concurrently. The concurrent sentencing means the maximum he could serve is two years before he is released on probation for the remaining three years of his sentence, according to Ekwall. Maddison was also fined $500 on each count. Though the DOC will ultimately determine Maddison’s placement, the state recommended he be placed in a rehabilitation program with the possibility of pre-release, Ekwall said. If approved for pre-release, Maddison will also be screened for a work pass so he can maintain employment in Madison County, according to Ekwall.

“The use of firearms in a manner like this is wholly unacceptable to the court and wholly unacceptable to the people of Madison County,” Judge Jones said. “This sentence strikes the balance of accountability, rehabilitation and restitution.”

Maddison is currently in the custody of the DOC awaiting placement.

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