Jackson’s Community Garden receives 3 Rivers grant

Back row, from left: Kevin McWilliams, Paulette Hardy, Janet Marsh, Linda Day, Lena Harris and Ty Cobb. Front row, from left: Simah Rose Anson and Sarah Irene Anson. Photo by Ben Coulter

TWIN BRIDGES – Board members from Jackson’s Community Garden in Sheridan were presented with a $1,500 check Saturday during the Greater Ruby Valley Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture 2012 Local Business Expo after receiving a community enhancement grant from 3 Rivers Communications that will help pay for a new irrigation system at the garden.

The new irrigation system involves over 500 feet of 2-inch main line capable of dispersing 20 to 30 gallons of water per minute throughout the entire garden, and includes 20 different sprinkler zones. Valves to each zone are controlled by a programmable timer, which is installed in a central location. The new system requires a larger water pump, and will allow for expansion in the future.

Jackson’s Community Garden vice president Janet Marsh was excited about the improvements because the irrigation system will help reduce the amount of labor required to keep up with the watering as well as help local volunteers be more efficient with how and where they water the garden.

“This will really allow us to fine tune our water use,” Marsh said.

President Linda Day pointed out how much work and upkeep is required to maintain the garden, even something as simple as using a garden hose to water the plants.

“We’re talking a huge area,” Day described the 8.5-acre property that includes more than two acres of developed flower and vegetable gardens.

“We don’t always have people to be there to turn on and off,” she said of the previous system of hoses. “So to keep it nice, to keep it beautiful, we needed the irrigation system.”

Funding for the project was also provided by a $10,000 grant from the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, as well as private donations from members of the community.

Marsh added that the new irrigation system is an important part of maintaining the community resource that is Jackson’s Garden.

“We want it to be a beautiful garden that’s available to the community,” she said.

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