It’s me again … but with a new role!

Hi readers,

Abigail here. Occasionally, I’ve hijacked some column inches in the newspaper to reach out to our readers. Usually, it’s to say thank you – thank you for reading the newspaper and thank you for interacting with us. Today, I’m reaching out to share some exciting news.

I got a promotion! Now, I’m your editor, and I’m so excited.

One thing that comes with the job is a weekly editorial, where I will put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and chat with you guys. In this column, I’ll not hold myself to specific topics – I’m going to write about whatever strikes my fancy, from my experiences during the week to musings on what is happening in the county.

I do, however, have one request from you guys. Reach out to me; reach out to all of us here at the paper. Susanne Hill, one of The Madisonian’s owners, will be out and about in our communities, talking advertising and helping celebrate what our main streets in Madison County have to offer. Our other owner, Erin Leonard, is an incredibly talented designer, so pick her brain on how to freshen up your newspaper ad. Having any issues with your subscription? Time to re-up? Call Kayla Way, our circulation manager. And definitely, definitely give Caitlin Avey a call. Caitlin is our new reporter, so you’ll be seeing her at town council and school board meetings, community celebrations and sporting events. Make sure you say hello.

And of course, my door is always open and I love hearing from all of you. You can call me at 682-7755 or email me at Or if you feel like swinging by our office in Ennis, do so – and always feel free to bring news tips, photos and more!

For those of you who live here in Madison County – permanently or all the time – let’s always remember how lucky we are. And for our out-of-town subscribers, come back and visit us soon!

Here’s to looking toward the future . . .


2 Responses to It’s me again … but with a new role!

  1. Joe Celentino says:

    Hats off to the Madisonian — great editor choice! I very much look forward to reading this column!

  2. Laura McGowan says:

    Congratulations! Well-deserved promotion, and you’ll be fantastic!

    Looking forward to your editorials!

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