In the aftermath of the election, I hope we can unite

Quite frankly, I’m not concerned with whom people voted for. I hope everyone made informed decisions, and that they are satisfied and confident in the bubbles they blackened on their ballots. What I do care about is how we all move forward.

When I read Keith Axberg’s letter to the editor this week (see page A4), one sentence in particular popped out and stuck with me. “I like seeing everyone work together, so no matter how you and I may have voted on Nov. 8, I would urge all of us to take an extra step and insist each elected official (when the counting is done) set aside their partisan credentials, and promise to serve all of us as Americans ­– our primary tribe.”

I hope Keith’s plea is heard. As he said, when the dust has settled, let’s work together. It’s no secret this was an exceptionally ugly year for politics, on the national, state and even local level. But what we all need to remember is that the majority of us share the same hopes and values for our families and communities. This is especially true in Montana.

Last week, I attended a public meeting about a state land exchange near Twin Bridges. More than 40 people attended and opinions were nearly split down the middle between proponents and opponents. As a few “opponents” pointed out, they were not in total opposition, but wanted certain points acknowledged, discussed and worked out. At the end of the day, everyone in the room cared about increasing and preserving public access.

Although we may disagree on what to prioritize or which route to take, not much separates our underlying goals in life. I hope we can remember that in the aftermath of this election.




P.S. Though we’ve recently elected a new president, I’m considering tossing my name in the hat for next time around! I was voted most likely to be president as my senior superlative in high school. Check out the photo!

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