Improvements on main street Sheridan

The Sheridan Main Street Improvement Team was formed in 2004 with the intent to improve landscaping, revamp pavement and sidewalks, create ‘green’ spaces, design period lighting and overall improve and lift the face of downtown Sheridan.

Since then, the Team has created a park on Main Street, erected a welcoming sign at the edge of city limits and livened up downtown with flower pots and banners, among other projects. And all of this came to pass through fundraising and the pride of a small town.

The future is even brighter for Main Street Sheridan now that one of their biggest projects is coming to fruition in the spring of 2013. The Team has been working closely with the Montana Department of Transportation to rebuild Highway 287 through the main street corridor.

“While they are completely redoing the main street surface, they will also be replacing the sidewalks on both sides of the main business district,” says Kay Carter-Colwell, an officer on the improvement team.

The main street improvement team got involved with the project nearly eight years ago, when it was first introduced. They wanted to ensure the corridor maintained a period style look, rather than become industrial looking. The original buildings from the 1800s are important to their history.

The project also involves adding period street lighting lining the corridor. Over the past several years, they have raised money through fundraising events as well as sponsorships and grants. One of the non-profit group’s biggest fundraising events is the annual Mingling for Main Street Wine Tasting at the downtown park in Sheridan. This past September was the sixth annual tasting. So far, the group has raised funds for more than half of the individual streetlights that will be installed once the new sidewalk is in place.

“We couldn’t be more excited to finally see the project begin,” says Carter-Colwell.

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