Hunter dollars impact the local economy

An estimated $324 million in 2016 alone circulates through Montana as a result of big game hunting, according to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. That figure includes resident and non-resident spending and combines elk, deer and antelope hunters, according to a FWP economic impact study.

Madison County feels those effects as well – FWP estimates just over $23 million related to hunting expenditures was spent in Madison County alone.

According to a data summary sheet, FWP used two pieces of information to estimate deer, elk and antelope hunter expenditures in Montana: average per day hunting trip related expenditures with data derived from a 2014 baseline economic survey, updated to reflect current year dollars, and hunter use estimates, or hunter days. Hunter days are figured by assigning a hunter as the equivalent as one hunting day, meaning if you have a hunting party of six in a hunting camp for 10 days, the total hunter days would be 60.

For example, if there are a total of 1 million resident deer hunter days in a given year and the amount a resident deer hunter spends in one day is $70, the total expenditure in the state would equal $70 million.

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