HOT TOPIC: Eureka Fire Update – August 26

Update:  August 26, 2013 

Please see below for the latest information regarding the Eureka Fire, courtes of  Northern Rockies Type II Incident Management Team

Fire Update: Fire crews finished constructing hand line on the northwest side of the fire yesterday, and today they will continue to improve and cool that area. Crews transferred the water from the heliwell yesterday to water tenders, and ground crews used that water for their mopup operations. Today the heliwell will be dismantled and removed from the fire area. Firefighters will be backhauling hose, pumps, and tanks off the fire line and bringing those supplies to camp; camp crews will clean, dry, and roll up the hose before sending it back to the fire cache to be used again this year or next fire season. Several engines will demob from the incident today, and some crews and single resources will be leaving tomorrow as the new fire organization directed by the Madison Ranger District is being put into place over the next few days.


A helicopter will fly over the fire area this morning with a handheld infrared camera to detect hot spots that persist around the fire’s edge, which crews will then mopup. Crews will continue to rehabilitate the areas affected by the fire suppression efforts, but they did not create a lot of dozer lines or heavy hand lines on this fire, so rehab needs are relatively minimal.


The fire area did receive wetting rain from Saturday’s storms; one portable weather station received 0.10 inch and another received 0.20 inch. Today’s high temperature will be 67–69 degrees, and the relative humidity will be 35–40 percent. The pattern of late-day thunderstorms will continue through tomorrow afternoon with warmer drier conditions prevailing toward the end of the week.


Closures: For the protection of public health and safety, an area closure is in place in the vicinity of the Eureka Fire. All roads and trails within the closure area are closed to the public. The closure essentially covers all access routes to and through the Eureka Fire area. A detailed description of the closure order is available here:


Special Concerns: New fire starts. Please be careful with campfires and other activities in the area so firefighters can remain dedicated to finishing their suppression of the current fire.


More Information: For more up-to-date information, maps, and photos, visit and select Eureka from the incident drop-down menu, or call (406) 682-4820.

Approximate Size: 6,468 acres           Containment: 40 percent

Resources:     Hand Crews: two Type 1 crews, two Type 2 crews, two camp crews   Total Personnel: 288

Engines: 21     Heavy Equipment: 1 dozer, 5 skidgines, 9 water tenders Air Support: 2 helicopters

Cost to Date: $4.2 million                   Injuries: None     


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