Trailing by 12 late in the game, the Twin Bridges girls mounted an impressive comeback against the Lady Mustangs Saturday to secure a 55-52 OT win.

As the clock wound down with only seconds left, Twin Bridges’ RaeAnne Bendon grabbed a quick jump shot underneath the basket to force overtime play. The shot sent the crowd into overdrive with cheers and heavy-footed bleacher stomps, and for the next four minutes, there would be no silence in the gym.

“I knew it was going to be a team effort and near perfect game to win,” said Falcon head coach Josh Keller. “The girls stepped up and did it – Ennis is a great team with a great coach and I know they will be ready for us on the next go around.”

Avery George, a 5-foot-7 inch sophomore, jumped for the Falcons against Ennis’ 6-foot-3 inch Danyel Martin. With the Lady Falcon’s only player over six feet out for the game, what the Falcons lacked in size, they made up for in speed and determination.

Martin won the jump to start the game and it was Ennis that would take an early lead. With Martin and fellow 6-foot-3 post Jourdain Klein grabbing offensive and defensive boards and Josie Hokanson handling the ball, the Mustangs held the lead through most of the game. In the third quarter, the Mustangs held the Falcons to nine points, giving themselves a 12-point lead.

But it was the fourth quarter where the game changed for the Falcons as they started to execute a full court press, pushing the Mustangs into foul trouble. Before the game’s end, three key players for the Mustangs fouled out. After drawing fouls, the Falcon’s delivered on their free throw attempts, shooting 56 percent from the line.

“Twin played tough defense and they created some problems for us with their press when we got into foul trouble at the end,” said Mustang head coach Jordan Overstreet. “Twin is a great team and I’m excited to have the opportunity to play them a couple more times to see how we grow as a team throughout the season.”

Bendon lead the Falcon charge with a game high 33 points, five rebounds and nine steals and secured an extra four minutes when she put the game into overtime. George finished with three points and 10 boards and Ashleigh Guinnane joined the ranks with nine points and shot for a 100 percent from the line.

Hokanson played a big game for the Mustangs, grabbing 16 points, four steals and forcing 11 turnovers. Martin and Klein, used their 6-foot frames to their advantage, picking up most of the Mustangs offensive and defensive rebounds. Martin finished with 14 points and 15 rebounds, while Klein added 12 points, 18 rebounds and three blocks.

Falcons corral Mustangs, 46-36

In the opener Saturday, the Falcons and Mustangs played a hard fought game but the home team Falcons jumped to an early lead and held on for a 46-36 victory over the rival Mustangs.

Twin Bridges’ Bryce Nye put the first points on the board with a three-pointer, two minutes into the game. Teammate Nate Konen grabbed a quick steal early in the first quarter but missed the fast break attempt, which fellow Falcon Daniel Kruer picked up was able to draw a foul.

Gus Dickinson was first on the board for the Mustangs, followed by some free throw attempts from Clay Coffman to bring the Mustangs within three points at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter, the Mustangs were only able to pick up six points over the Falcon defense. Battling back and forth for points with a couple of three pointers from Coffman and a fast break from Tanner Wood in the third quarter, the Mustangs would find themselves within four points toward the end of the fourth. Both teams got into foul trouble but it was the Falcons who were able to run away with the game. Putting up a good defense and grabbing rebounds over the Mustangs, head Falcon coach Josh Keller, said both teams struggled to make moves offensively.

“This game was kind of up and down where both teams struggled,” he said. “My boys are great shooters and basketball players, we are just in a little scoring slump that we will get over and become a great team. I give Ennis credit – they came ready to play and battled us.”

Daniel Kruer led the Falcons with 14 points and 10 boards, Clay Wofle contributed 11 points and one block, and Nye, Konen and Eddie Kelly each finished with seven points.

Dickinson finished with 15 points and 12 boards for the Mustangs, Chris Funston banked 11 points and two blocks and Wood finished with five points.

Mustangs stomp Gardiner

The Mustangs hosted Gardiner on Dec. 15 and won, 72-24.

Hokanson finished with 12 points against the Lady Bruins and Klein had the game high with 21 points. Joree Hokanson and Josie Jenkins each finished with nine, Whitney McKitrick grabbed eight, Paige Anderson, six points, Alyssa West, four points, and Martin and Landri Paladichuk finished with two and one point, respectively.

*Stats for the Mustang’s game against Gardiner nor the Falcon’s game against Lima had been submitted by The Madisionian’s Tuesday press time.

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