Letters to the Editor-March 20, 2014

Health care options worth looking into, site user-friendly

In anticipation of the March 31 deadline for 2014 health insurance signup under the Affordable Care Act, I just went online to https://www.healthcare.gov/ to explore my options. 

I found this website very user friendly.  It includes a toll-free number—1-800-318-2596—that you can use to ask questions of a real person.  I made a call, and my question was answered clearly and efficiently.  Back on the website, when I identified myself as a Montana resident, I was able to click on the marketplace for health insurance plans available to us in this state.  This website, http://montanahealthmarketplace.org/, also was very user friendly and told me all I needed to know in order to make my decision.

I urge those of you, who either do not have health insurance or have very skimpy or expensive coverage, to go online in the next week and check out your options.  The health care insurance plans you will see listed are offered by the private sector; they are not government plans.  Our federal and state government are simply serving as the vehicle for making these choices available to us.  The Affordable Care Act, from what I see in reading through the information and offerings, is a good example of the positive, supportive role that government can play in our lives.

Doris Fischer



Madison Valley Manor appreciates youthful kindness

What a wonderful community we live in, and it starts with some of our youngest!  Thank you Ruby Blazer, 7, Lukas, Jaclyn, 8, and Josey Blazer, 8, for your hard work on rainbow bracelets and rings that you made to sell.   The proceeds you donated to the Madison Valley Manor were used for activities for the residents.  Such kindness is so appreciated by all.  Thank you again.

Julie K. Christensen

Activities Director

Madison Valley Manor


Neighbors’ giving allows expansion of church outreach

On behalf of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Virginia City, we write to thank all the people who came out to enjoy our Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper—making it a rousing success. The people who came from Virginia City and the various corners of Madison County to support this annual event were very generous in their donations, allowing us to continue and expand our outreach efforts to the community. God has richly blessed us with some of the best neighbors anyone could ever have. Thank you and God bless each and every one of you, too!

Your friends and neighbors,

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Virginia City

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