Harrison teenager admits to bringing guns to school

The 15-year-old boy who allegedly brought loaded guns and ammunition to Harrison School in January pleaded true in Virginia City Monday morning.

Spencer Ore was charged with criminal endangerment and waived his rights to a trial on Monday. After considering the recommendations from the prosecutors, district court judge Loren Tucker ordered Orr to be on probation till he turns 18.

On Jan. 25, Ore was accused of bringing loaded handguns and almost 50 rounds of ammunition to Harrison School. He showed two students those guns and threatened them. Despite the threats, one of the students reported the guns to Harrison School Superintendent Fred Hofman.

Madison County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Ore after a loaded .357 Magnum revolver and .22-caliber pistol were found on school property Jan. 25.

After Ore confessed to the crimes in court Monday, Tucker sentenced him to probation till he is 18.

Since his arrest, Ore has been in a residential treatment center in Butte and a group home in Boulder. As part of his probation, the teenage will be required to complete treatment at the group home. His probation officer says that could take from six to nine months. Ore will then return home to reside with his parents.

As part of his probation, Ore is to stay away from guns unless he is hunting while accompanied by a parent. When asked about this exception by Tucker, probation officer Sam Stockett explained the Ores are a hunting family and those outings provide important bonding opportunities for their son. Stockett noted how involved Ore’s parents have been in the treatment process.

Tucker told Ore having his parents’ support is an advantage and that he must abide by every rule they set while he resides with them.

The judge also ordered the teenager to write a letter of apology to his school and his classmates.

The judge and probation officer are hopeful that Ore can turn his life around after the incident.

“You seem like a capable young man that had a serious lapse of judgment,” said Tucker to Ore. “There have been some bumps for you and your parents. I think you can do what needs to be done and put this behind you.”

Hofman said Ore might be able to return to Harrison School after the teenager completes his mandated treatment that is slated to take 6-9 months. The superintendent said Ore would have to submit a petition with the school board. The board would then thoroughly evaluate the situation to ensure student safety and would determine if it would be appropriate to allow Ore to attend Harrison School again. Since Ore is not 16, he is required to attend school.

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