Harrison School Board candidate forum scheduled for next week

The Harrison School District will sponsor a public forum for the two school board candidates on Tuesday, April 24.

The forum will give the public an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the candidates prior to the May 8 election.

This year’s election features incumbent Todd Brennan and challenger Jenny Collins.

Collins is a Harrison native who graduated from Harrison High School in 1996. She has two children – one who started first grade this year.

She loves the community and the school and felt it was time to get involved.

“I think everybody is doing a great job right now, but I just wanted to get more involved,” Collins said.

Collins is an assayer at the Norris Lab and lives in the Harrison School District because she loves the community and the school.

“The whole reason I live here is so my kids can go to school there,” she said.

One of the issues she knows is confronting the school district is funding. And though she doesn’t have solutions, she is anxious to get involved and try to find creative ways to solve the problem.

Brennan serves as the chair of the school board and is finishing up his first three-year term. He is in ranching and construction and moved to Harrison from Minnesota six years ago.

Brennan agrees with Collins – money is a crucial concern for the Harrison School District.

“It’s the same old evil – no money,” Brennan said.

The money problem has a variety of causes, but mainly comes down to tax base and stable or declining enrollment, he said.

“We’re showing steady or dropping enrollment since I’ve been here,” Brennan said. “Our only saving grace is we have open enrollment kids coming.”

But with the money problems, teachers and staff at Harrison School continue to work hard and do a fantastic job, he said.

“I’m proud of that with the money shortages the staff that has stepped up to the plate and has taken on more responsibility with little or no compensation – it makes me very proud,” Brennan said.

The candidate forum will be in the Harrison gym and start at 7 p.m. For more information, contact the Harrison School at 685-3428.

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