Harrison School Board appoints new member; talks policy

Following the Wildcat volleyball game against Granite on Oct. 9, the Harrison School Board met to appoint new board member Timbre Murphy.

Murphy, who was born and raised in Norris and has two children in the Harrison School system, said she wanted to be more involved with the school.

“We’re glad to have you stepping up for the school,” said chairman Dusty Wagner.

Wagner took over as board chairman after Ann Hokanson left at the beginning of the year. Murphy will fill in as the third board member until the May election.

“I feel a little naïve about everything at this point,” Murphy said about what policies or programs she would like to have a say in. “I’m still getting familiar with everything but I do have kids that go to school here and I just wanted to be more involved.”

Read about what else the board did here: http://digital.madisoniannews.com/sub/account_login.php

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