Harrison administration looks to technology improvements

HARRISON – At their September meeting on Monday Harrison School Superintendent Fred Hofman reported to the board of trustees on much-needed technology improvements made to the schools computer systems.

Right before school began Hofman had a direct line, referred to as a homerun cable, installed to every classroom in the school. The new computer lines will improve the speed at which the school’s computers are able to communicate between one another.

Hofman also said the school is working to set up a virtual classroom / student scenario for a student who is unable to come to school. The district has three laptop computers donated by the state that will be equipped with webcam devices, so the student can essentially be involved in classroom activities through the computer. The student will be able to communicate from home while the laptops are moved between classrooms.

“They’ll go to class just like everybody else, and when its time to go to the next class we’ll just wheel them down the hall,” said Hofman.

Hoffman requested that the approximately $4,000 remaining from the $15,000 the school board approved for technology improvements be used to purchase a new server for the school. The current server in the school is 10 years old, and is not capable of running newer computer software. The new server would not be used to store student and staff files, but rather to improve the network capabilities of the school.

The board replied that the money for the server was already approved, and essentially part of the same project to improve technology systems for the school.

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