School election results – George, Clark win in Ennis, voters split on levies in Sheridan, levy in Twin passes

Community members wait in line to vote for school board trustees in the lobby of the Ennis High School on Monday evening. Photo by Ben Coulter

CORRECTION: I reversed the numbers on the Sheridan school levies. The $18,376 high school levy DID pass 314-282. The elementary levy was for $67,380 failed to pass on a vote of 243-271. I apologize for the mistake.

– Greg Lemon

UPDATE 5/9/12: School election results are in from around Madison County.

In Ennis, Bill Clark and Craig George beat out Chad Coffman and Josh Vujovich for two spots on the Ennis School Board. Clark received the most votes with 599, George received 585, Vujovich received 557 and Coffman received 505.

In Twin Bridges, voters overwhelmingly approved a $20,000 school mill levy by a vote of 191 – 87.

In Harrison, Todd Brennan won a second term on the school board, beating Jenny Collins 101-27. Harrison had a 28 percent voter turnout.

In Sheridan, the $18,376 high school general fund levy passed narrowly by a vote of 314-282. However, the $67,380 elementary school levy failed narrowly 243-271.

Also in Sheridan, three school board seats were uncontested.

Rhonda Boyd was re-elected to represent the Sheridan High School District on the board and Travis John Derby and John R. Hamilton were both elected to represent the entire school district.

All results are unofficial until canvassed by the school boards.

Check back for more results.

One Response to School election results – George, Clark win in Ennis, voters split on levies in Sheridan, levy in Twin passes

  1. bruce says:

    One sentence, after 6 months of they town ripping itself apart. One sentence,Bill and craig won fair and square, now lets get the audit done independantly find the errors fix the problems and move on!
    On the other front inorder to have an adult learning center you must have a Ged program ‘Get One’ or shut it down you wasting taxpayer money. Suggestion when i was in high school we had apprentiship programs carpentry, mechanics autobody, eletricians, plumbing, horticulture, drafting lets get it in gear folks we dont need sex education or religoius studies we need to teach these children that work is rewarding not a burden.

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