Fun in the Sun – Summer spirits floating high

TWIN BRIDGES – Despite the cancellation of the annual floating parade due to high water, Twin Bridges celebrated a successful summer festival at the Madison County fairgrounds on Saturday as part of alumni weekend.

The Floating Flotillas and Fishing Fantasies went off without a hitch thanks to event chairman Aaron Griffin and a number of volunteers.

“Twin Bridges is really a special community, “ Griffin said while hustling around between activities. “It’s supposed to be a family day. It’s a lot of fun.”

As the sun quickly rose through the brilliant blue sky, the event got rolling with the Pete Novich Memorial Roping Contest, a performance by Virginia Cities’ Brewery Follies and several kids games that included an obstacle course, jumping castle and fly casting for prizes.

By noon, the air was filled with the aroma of barbecue smoke and sunscreen, intermixed with classic country western music. While the temperature continued to climb, children eagerly splashed about the slip-n-slide portion of the obstacle course.

Sixteen-year-old Tess Wrzesinski worked the information table at the main entrance Saturday afternoon, answering questions and directing people to different events around the fairgrounds. She pointed out that although Twin Bridges is a small community, “it’s really intimate as far as getting together.”

“You need a lot of people to make an event like this really cool,” Wrzesinski said. “But we have enough people that come to make it really fun.”

Instead of holding the duck race on the river, event organizers tried a different approach this. Griffin and parade chair Joy Day spread the ducks in a row across the highway, where volunteer fire fighters Troy Martin and Cody Crites used fire hoses to wash the ducks down Main Street for nearly a block before finishing in front of the Lost Cabin Bar. Spectators who lined both sides of the street for the race spectacle were rewarded with a cool blast of water high into the air.

By early afternoon the cow pie golf tournament was in full swing. A makeshift course set up around the fairgrounds was tailored to a short game, but not for lack of excitement as one tee box went across the river while another over the highway. Some participants took the game seriously while others took advantage of an opportunity to enjoy a cold beer with friends on a hot summer day.

As for the best part of this years alumni weekend festivities, Joy Day summed it up in a few short words: “Just bringing the community together for a fun day.”

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