From the Feb. 16 edition of The Madisonian

Poor behavior on display at school board meeting

Dear Editor,

I attended the Feb. 8 Ennis School District School Board Meeting. About halfway through the agenda, after the extensive reading of the board’s goals had been read, a member of the community asked questions regarding these goals. I was at the meeting regarding an issue that was completely unrelated to the current “difficult” situations facing the school and the school board.

In the meeting room there were at least 10 to 12 students awaiting their turn to address the school board. Outside of the meeting room were another 10 to 12 students listening to the “adults” discussing important issues.

What has caused me to write this letter is the conduct of those adults, parents and taxpayers. What an example! Adults yelling, using obscenities, lacking in civility and respect for one another. Those kids in the audience have learned a lesson. But, is it the lesson we would want them learn? I left when the shouting began. The children need better examples. Thank you.

Judy Miller

Just another way to deceive the taxpayer?

Dear Editor,

In the Feb. 9 article in The Madisonian, “Commissioners put the hospital levy before Ruby Valley voters,” only a small portion of what I said was published.
All of my reasons for not favoring a permanent mill levy at this time were not printed. Also, what was not published was the fact that the dialogue that I initiated with the commissioners I feel pointed to the main reason for this mill levy. In my opinion, the main reason for this mill levy is for the planned expansion of the Ruby Valley Hospital. If this is the main intent, should not the resolution read, a permanent mill levy of 25 mills for the planned expansion of Ruby Valley Hospital and to support the facility?

I would call this truth in advertising, or is this just another way to deceive the taxpayer?

Ken Yecny
Candidate for county commissioner, district 1

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