Fish hatchery organizes birdhouse project to celebrate Earth Day

Students from around Madison County will be celebrating Earth Day this year by building birdhouses for local bluebirds.

The project is being organized and spearheaded by the Ennis National Fish Hatchery, which has coordinated efforts with schools and volunteers around the county. This year Earth Day will be April 22.

To help with the project, officials with the fish hatchery and local conservation districts are looking for places to hang the new birdhouses.

“All in all we’re going to end up with about 200 birdhouses,” said Tana Nulph at the Ennis National Fish Hatchery.

Area students will build the birdhouses with the help of hatchery personnel over the next two weeks. Then hatchery staff and volunteers will hang the birdhouse and record their locations on GPS units to be uploaded onto Google Earth, so students can track where the houses they built were placed.

“It’s a fabulous project because the Ennis National Fish Hatchery is reaching out to our local communities and I really love they’re working with the kids not only in Ennis but the rest of Madison County,” said Rebecca Ramsey, Ruby Watershed Coordinator.

Ramsey is helping by putting out a call for landowners who would be willing to have the birdhouses placed on their property.

Mountain Bluebirds are native to Montana and Ramsey calls them the “Heralds of Spring” as they are some of the first song birds to make their way north.

“It will be kind of cool for the kids to participate in that and learn a little bit more about habitat and native species and have fun doing it,” she said.

For more information or to volunteer to have birdhouses on your property, call Nulph at the Ennis Fish Hatchery, 682-4847.

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