Fish and Wildlife Commission initiates rule change on Madison River from Ennis Lake Bridge to dam

On Thursday, Nov. 17, the commission started that process – the Madison River from the north Ennis Lake Bridge to 600 feet above the Madison Dam is now a no wake zone, according to FWP public information officer Andrea Jones.

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15 Responses to Fish and Wildlife Commission initiates rule change on Madison River from Ennis Lake Bridge to dam

  1. Wayne Lower says:

    We have used this area wake and no wake for years. There is no good reason to apply such a rule. Leave it alone.

  2. Joel Davis says:

    I vote NO on this proposal. There are too many lakes in Montana with a NO WAKE restrictions already NO NO NO

  3. Colette Davis says:

    Why on earth would you pass a no wake zone from bridge to rhe dam?? I kived in thar canyon for 18yrs and I can say this, no one really fishes on the part because it is to steep to the water. Only at the bridge do people fish! I know way more people who go boating down there then I do people who fish. There isn’t any logical reason for a no wake zone. NO NO NO

  4. Clayton Scotson says:


  5. Jeff Foral says:


  6. Jeff Foral says:


  7. Christina Oliver says:


  8. Christina Oliver says:


  9. Michael Newhouse says:

    Please do not make this section of the Madison river a no wake zone. This is just another attempt to shut down access to the river that is owned by ALL Montanans, not just the rich and famous.

  10. Tom Savage says:

    Fish and wildlife you are right on target!!! I have advocated “no motorized craft below the bridge for years!
    The wakes and noise from motorized craft are rediculouse.
    It should be paddle only!
    So glad you are finally addressing this issue!

  11. Pam. Hotvedt says:

    I do not agree that this should become a no wake zone.
    Pam Hotvedt

  12. Kiley says:

    My family has used the canyon to swim, boat, and kayak for years. I disagree with this ruling. From my experience, the canyon has been used more than the rest of the lake, and I believe it should stay that way. There is no reason to stop families from having fun and from being able to enjoy time spent on the lake in the summers.

  13. Ross Wenger says:

    I am opposed to the no wake zone restriction and/or speed limit imposed on water craft in the Canyon Area of Ennis Lake.

  14. Darin Hotvedt says:

    This is unnecessary and limits the usefulness of Ennis lake, most often when recreationists seek refuge from windy conditions found outside of the canyon area. This stretch of water is also quite lengthy and these restrictions greatly hamper the ability to site sea and pleasure boat in a manner befitting it’s length. As a consequence, this will put more vehicle traffic on an already congested and dangerous road. I’m strongly opposed to this no wake designation.

  15. Kelsie Roberts says:

    My name is Kelsie Roberts and my family has property, that will eventually be built on, at North Ennis Lake Rd. I’ve been keeping up with the articles about the “no wake zone” in the canyon on Ennis Lake. I disagree 100% about this initiative being passed. The canyon is a part of the lake where we can go to get out of the wind, ski, wakeboard, surf, etc.

    -Kelsie Roberts
    North Ennis Lake Road
    Ennis, MT 59729

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