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Brian Brocious

Brian Brocious has lived in the Madison Valley for eight years after moving from his home state, Michigan. A desire for wide open spaces and access to the great outdoors just steps from his front door is what sent him west. “I enjoy the public land access,” he said. “I can be in the mountains or on the water within minutes.” 

Like many in the valley and county, a life outside is unlimited. Brocious spends time ice fishing, fly fishing, shed hunting and hunting. “Just being outdoors in general,” he said. “I would say my favorite, by far, is archery elk hunting. Having an elk up close and in your face is a rush that cannot be beat.” 

His regular 9-5 takes him up the mountain where he works at Moonlight Basin as the assistant golf course superintendent but when he’s off the clock, he’s in the mountains. “Any place I have never been is my favorite area,” he said. “There’s nothing better than getting lost in a new area and always wondering what is over the next ridge.” 

To encourage others to explore the next ridge Brocious said to put the electronics aside and be open to what the valley can offer. 

“Put the phone down. Try something new. There are so many great opportunities and hobbies to explore in this valley that you should never have a reason to be bored.” 

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