Family Dollar slated to open late 2014

Nation-wide general store chain, Family Dollar, has focused on expanding its rural Montana market in recent years. The chain has recently finished construction on a new store in Dillon and they plan to open a store in Ennis in 2014.

According to Bryn Winburn, Public Relations Manager for Family Dollar, the store will be located at 4939 Hwy. 287, in the North 40 Subdivision next, to Madison Foods, and is “slated to open in the second half of 2014.”

Family Dollar approached North 40 Development Company, Inc., according to Josh Vujovich, president of the North 40.

“We had a couple options for them and that’s the lot they picked,” Josh Vujovich said, referencing Lot One of Block Seven in his new development just north of town.

“They have developers that do studies of different areas and then choose a place where they would like to build a store,” Town Clerk Ginger Guinn said. “I’m not sure how they chose Ennis, but they have done a lot of research into our permitting and went through that process easily.”

Ennis Commission Chair, Becky Vujovich, said the town is “lucky that the dollar store is doing a western theme,” that will fit in with the character of Ennis.

“It’s fortunate the dollar store asked [the town] for input,” Becky Vujovich continued. “They wanted more input than anybody ever has.”

She said that there are no current regulations in place to guarantee incoming businesses model themselves with the “western character” that she says defines Ennis as a town.

“Right now we do not have strong enough ordinances to demand that [character],” Vujovich said. “Defining and enforcing a western theme is a big deal the town is facing, someone could technically come in and put a bright pink building with neon lights on Main Street.”

Ennis Town Commissioner Brian Vincent hopes the Family Dollar will benefit the community as a whole. He went on to explain that the subdivision that will host the Family Dollar was only recently approved through the town of Ennis, so the process is relatively new. Family Dollar has not indicated when they will begin construction, but their building permit is valid for a year.


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