Ennis wrestling team wins state championship

The Ennis Little Guy wrestling team won the small-team state championship trophy at the State Little Guy tournament March 16 in Helena. 

Ten little wrestlers included Pee-Wees (6 and under): Nolan Brown (38), Bridger Clark (38), Brummie Boggus (40), Ben Inman (40), Bodhi Hutchins (46), Ethan Norby (55), and Zach Foss (65). Novice (10 and under): Jarrett Jenkins (60) and Lauren Yerbich (66). Middle (12 and under): Dylan Yerbich (115).

The team scored 53 points to beat out Gallatin Gateway for the trophy. In order to secure the victory, six wrestlers were crowned state champions: Nolan Brown, Brummie Boggus, Zach Foss, Jarrett Jenkins, Lauren Yerbich and Dylan Yerbich.  Two placed second, Ben Inman and Bodhi Hutchins, and Bridger Clark secured the victory placing fourth.  This was a culmination to a great season filled with many personal bests as well as many prizes and ribbons for all of the wrestlers.

The little guy season started Feb. 11 with the first practice and 22 excited Little Wrestlers including PeeWees: Travis Halderson, Bridger Clark, and Nolan Brown (38), Brummie Boggus and Ben Inman (40), Caden Lovett (44), Bodhi Hutchins (46), Jaden Hutchins (48), Ethan Norby and Drew Anderson (55), Zach Foss (65). Beginners: Andrew Badura (50), Vance Wingard (53), Paul Christensen, Caden Anderson, Cameron Langley and Andrew Ball (59) Chaz Veland (65). Novice: Jarrett Jenkins (60) Lauren Yerbich (66), and Cody Bohrman (80). Middle: Dylan Yerbich (115).

Coaches, Travis Lohrenz, Nick Connell, Shawn Christensen, Todd Foss, Jesse Yerbich, Brian Lovett and Dan Jenkins, were extremely proud of all of the wrestlers. Everyone worked extremely hard this season, and even if they didn’t compete in the state tournament, they all helped to bring the state trophy home. Thanks to all of the parents and wrestlers for an exciting and fun-filled season.

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