Ennis School Board to hire adult education coordinator, establish program

The Ennis School Board and superintendent Doug Walsh are moving forward with hiring an adult education coordinator.

The position was advertised earlier this month and as of last Wednesday, the school had received about 12 applications, Walsh told the school board at their regular monthly meeting.

Fall adult education classes have already been scheduled, he told the school board.

So far classes offered include basic computers, fitness boot camp, community choir and four sewing classes, Walsh said. Open gym and archery are two classes that will begin soon.

In anticipation of forming an adult education program, Walsh told the board he spoke with Bozeman public schools last spring and with the Office of Public Instruction in Helena.

“There’s really no models out there for us,” he said.

The community is going to play a role in how the program is developed going forward, Walsh said.

“It’s going to be the interests of the community and what they want to see,” he said. “The sky’s the limit if we can just get out there.”

Also at the meeting, Jerry Galvin, from Langlas and Associates, the construction manager for the new school building, gave the board an update on construction.

When taken as a whole, the project is on schedule, Galvin told the board.

Exterior work is a little behind, but getting caught up, he said. However, crews are ahead on the interior work.

“I’ve got some wiggle room on the inside,” Galvin said.

Typically on a project like this, Galvin takes the projected time schedule and shortens it by 10 percent to allow him and his crew some time to address unforeseen circumstances. Galvin called it “Murphy Time,” alluding to Murphy’s Law, which is an old adage that states “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.”

At some point in every project something goes wrong and Galvin is ready for the unforeseen.

The new building will be ready for public tours within the next two weeks, he said.

Walsh will schedule tours for the public and civic groups at the school office.

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