Ennis loses semifinal game in Fairview, ends great season

“They’re the only ones that beat us,” said Coach Jay Fredrickson of the Fairview Warriors. “I’m proud of our guys, I’m proud of my coaching staff and we’ll learn from wherever we need to learn from and we’re going to be driving to get to that next level.”

It was clear Saturday that Fairview was playing on a level above the Mustangs as the Warriors dominated Ennis to win 56-0. Ennis knew what they were up against, having lost to Fairview 44-0 back in August to kick off their 2012 season, but the intimidation factor slowly crept in like the snowdrifts that covered the landscape as Ennis woke up Friday morning.

Junior lineman Braydon McKitrick gave due credit to the dominant Warriors football team, but he also said the Mustangs simply didn’t show up to play.

“We came out scared, that’s what happened. Everybody was intimidated,” McKitrick said. “I mean, you could see it in the eyes in the locker room.”

“There is a lot of hype about Fairview, which isn’t really hype because its true: they’re good,” he continued. “I think after playing them that first game of the season everybody was like ‘Oh, if we have to play them again they’re going to beat us again because we’re not as good as them.’”

The weather also played a critical factor in Saturday’s game, as game-time temperatures dropped into single digits as the match progressed. The field had been cleared of snow on the playing surface, but the difficult conditions plagued the Mustangs throughout the day. Fredrickson said senior quarterback Dalton Bullock compared the ball at one point to throwing, catching and trying not to fumble an icicle.

“We did get beat pretty bad, but it would have been a totally different game if the weather was different,” said Bullock.

The Warriors also outmatched Ennis physically.

“They’ve got good size and they are very strong,” Fredrickson said of Fairview. “We weren’t able to move them off the ball like we’ve been able to do against a lot of teams.”

“I think if we’re healthy and we’re focused we’ve got a shot at competing and maybe bumping them off, but we would have had to have brought our absolute A game,” he continued. “They’re that good.”

“If we want to get to that level, its going to take not just a focused effort individually but a collective, focused effort that drives us to that next level with no excuses and no fear of anybody.

“I think it was a tremendous season,” said Fredrickson. “I couldn’t be more happy with this team.”

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