Ennis Father’s Day fishing derby draws a crowd

Members of the Ennis community lend a helping hand to young anglers at the Lions Club pond on Sunday during the Father's Day Fishing Derby. Ben Coulter / The Madisonian

Young anglers try their luck at the Lions Club pond during the Father's Day Fishing Derby on Sunday in Ennis. Ben Coulter / The Madisonian.

More than 200 people participated in the Father’s Day Fishing Derby on Sunday at Lions Park in Ennis. While young anglers attempted to land the biggest trout in the pond, perhaps the most challenging aspect of the derby was not catching fish but trying not to catch other angler’s fishing lines.

Prizes were award in three age groups as well as for the biggest and smallest trout as well as the biggest non-trout species. The Lions also served a complementary lunch of burgers and hot dogs during the event.

The winners of Sunday’s Derby are listed as follows:

Ages 0-5: 1st Place: Kaley Ruhl, 2nd Place: Elsye Robinson, 3rd Place: Kalligh Saunders

Ages 6-9: 1st Place: Andrew Badura, 2nd Place: Jackson Nye, 3rd Place: Brayden Linnville

Ages 10-12: 1st Place: Sophie Barth, 2nd Place: Elizabeth Moore, 3rd Place: Jakob Nye

Biggest Non-Trout: Marissa Snider

Smallest Fish: Ashton Shipley and Kymberyle Saunders (tie)

Biggest Fish: Amilia Daniels

The Ennis Lions Club will host the Senior’s Fishing Derby next Friday, June 22, beginning at 10 a.m..  All seniors are welcome to attend and lunch will be served beginning at 11 a.m. The Lions are once again collecting donated items for next year’s auction.  Please call George Ennis at 682-7023 to arrange for pick up of items you wish to donate.

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