Ennis celebrates founding father’s birthday

Old and young, Irish and non-Irish alike all gathered Sunday afternoon to celebrate William Ennis’ 185th birthday.       

Dining on Irish stew, soda bread and birthday cake, the crowd gathered listened to live music and student essays from Kelsie Frey and Will Gilmore.

Also present were Larry Love, a descendant of Ennis’ wife’s family, and Jane Rybus, great-granddaughter of William Ennis.

The seventh-grade students in Mr. Nelson’s class at the Ennis Junior High are invited each year to write an essay to help celebrate the birthday of Ennis. Seventeen students entered essays, and members of the Madison Valley History Association Board of Directors judged them.

Frey won first place and Gilmore placed second. Both students read their essays at the Irish stew dinner Sunday afternoon and each selected their very own copy of “Early Days in the Madison Valley” by James S. Spray for their award. Frey also received her choice of an Irish-green colored pendant made by MVHA President, Don Black.

The MVHA thanks all the students for entering the contest and thanks Mr. Nelson for helping make this essay contest successful.

“Thanks to all who came to help celebrate William Ennis’ birthday,” said Don Black the Madison Valley History Association President. “It was a great turnout and good food. All the board members and spouses and volunteers worked hard to make this a success.”

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