‘Elk rage’ incident results in arrest of Norris man

At 5:15 p.m. on Jan. 16, the Madison County Sheriff’s Office received a call from two Madison County residents who were in the Bear Trap Canyon – MT Highway 84 – at mile marker 8.

“They noticed an elk had been injured along the highway,” explained Sheriff Roger Thompson. “They called us and wanted to know how to apply for a salvage permit.”

Then, things turned into an “elk rage” incident, Thompson said.

“They watched it, waiting for it to die,” he said. “They were up on the highway and a gentleman who pretty much lives right there drove up his driveway and confronted them, saying, ‘that’s my elk, I’ve been watching that elk’.”

Thompson said the situation escalated and the Norris man who confronted the two on the road returned to his vehicle, got a handgun and allegedly threatened to shoot the men.

“(The other two) vacated the scene and called us right away,” Thompson said.

Three Madison County deputies responded to the scene and ultimately ended up arresting Kenrick Workman at 10:30 p.m.

“There were warrants for his arrest out of Gallatin County,” Thompson said. “For a DUI and maybe a few other traffic charges.”

The Madison County deputies charged him with assault with a firearm and resisting arrest – he is currently being held at the Gallatin County Jail.

“We went back with a search warrant and recovered a gun that matched the description we had,” Thompson added. “I don’t believe the elk was ever found.”

One Response to ‘Elk rage’ incident results in arrest of Norris man

  1. Jed says:

    The elk was on private property which is owned by ken workman. The two men never even asked permission if they could salvage the elk and i believe they were asked to leave once already. I dont get why the two men came back after dark while it was snowing. Seems they had an alternate motive. The elk was harvested the next morning

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