Elk killed near Whitehall left to rot by poachers

Three elk were shot and left to rot last week north of Whitehall.

The elk – a cow, calf and spike bull – were shot in the Hay Canyon area of Ratio Mountain, said Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks game warden Justin Gibson.

The dead elk were discovered by hunters who noticed crows sitting on the animals. However, by then the elk had been dead for about two days, Gibson said.

There were no tracks in the snow and it was obvious whoever shot the elk made no attempt to claim them, he said.

The most recent poaching event has Gibson frustrated.

“This is just another senseless slaughter of our wildlife. I now know of at least ten elk that have been killed and purposely left to waste this year in my district alone,” said Gibson in a press release. “Any outdoor enthusiast should be outraged hearing of cases like this.”

The incident was publicized last week and though several people have called him to express their frustration at the crime, Gibson still doesn’t have any substantial leads.

“At this point we’re just hoping somebody knows something or hears anything,” he said.

It’s important that people with any potential information come forward, even if they heard a suspicious conversation.

“It could be the piece of information we need,” Gibson said.

Anyone with information pertaining to this case, or other cases in which fish and wildlife resources are being stolen from Montanans, is urged to call (800) TIP-MONT and may be eligible for a reward. Individuals may also contact Gibson at 439-4017.

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