Election results – Ennis mayoral race closest of all

The Madison County Election Administrator’s office reported updates results of the mayoral races in Ennis, Sheridan and Twin Bridges on Wednesday, Nov. 6. Those communities, and Virginia City, also had town council positions up for election too.

Becky Vujovich beat out Audra Bourk by four votes in the mayoral race – 114-110. Brandi Palmerton received 47 votes.
Alinon Arpin and Brian Vincent will remain on the town commission. Arpin received 196 votes and Vincent garnered 147. Candidate David J. Mackenzie had 106.
Both the mayor and town commission seats are four-year terms.
A little more than half of Ennis’ registered voters turned ouf to vote this election.

Dean Derryberry remains mayor of Sheridan for another four years. Derryberry received almost twice the amount of votes as opponent Michael Laurin – 156-77.
Paul R. Kramer and Mark McLaughlin ran for town council unopposed. Kramer received 188 votes and McLaughlin had 181, winning four-year terms.
More than half of Sheridan’s registered voters took to the polls.

Twin Bridges
Thomas Hyndman ran unopposed for another four-year term as mayor. He totaled 81 votes.
Also running unopposed were David Albert Banks Jr., Matthew Greemore and David Smith for town council. Smith received the most votes with 83 while Banks had 71 and Greemore finished with 68.
Twin Bridges had the lowest voter turnout of the election with only 39 percent.

Virginia City
Two-year and four-year town council terms were up for grabs in Virginia City.
Robert L. Erdall and Justin Gatewood won the two-year unexpired term with 88 and 81 votes respectively. Barbara L. Smith received 19 votes.
Scott C. Petersen, Erin Leonard and Scott Kelley were the top vote getters for the four-year terms. Petersen garnered 90 votes while Leonard and Kelley received 77 and 62 votes, respectively. Four other candidates also ran.
Virginia City had the highest turnout with 65 percent of registered voters turning in ballots.

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