Despite some difficulties, unofficial results are out – incumbents, Happel win

UPDATE 10 a.m. –The unofficial results are finally out and all of Madison County incumbents hold their offices.

Voters in Madison County Commission District 2 voted in a new commissioner. Dan Happel from Pony came out on top of a four-way race that included Ty Cobb and Ron Nye from Twin Bridges and Evan O. Gannon from Pony.

Voting machine problems deep in the night at the Madison County Clerk and Recorders office in Virginia City caused problems getting the accurate numbers on the website before this morning.

“We had to redo the numbers to double check them because we had some problems with our machine,” said Paula McKenzie with the clerk and recorder’s office.

The website did have results posted early this morning, but they weren’t complete. The final unofficial results didn’t show much of a change, McKenzie said.

Madison County Clerk and Recorder Bundy Bailey, defeated a tough challenge from Karen Miller with a vote of 1,913 to 1,544.

Madison County Justice of the Peace MaryAnn O’Malley defeated a challenge from deputy sheriff Chris Tenny 2,269 to 1,141.

County commissioner Jim Hart defeated a challenge from rancher Dave Germann with of vote of 939 to 355.

Happel swept the vote in the Harrison precinct to take the race for commission district 2. The final vote in the four-way race was: Happel 380, Ron Nye 345, Ty Cobb 273 and Evan O. Gannon 43.

Nye won the Twin Bridges precinct with 298 votes to Cobb’s 172 votes, Happel’s 105 votes and Gannon’s 13 votes.

Happel won Jefferson Island precinct with 78 votes to Cobb’s 44 votes, Nye’s 25 votes and Gannon’s 8 votes.

In the Harrison precinct it wasn’t close. Happel received 197 votes to Cobb’s 57 votes. Both Nye and Gannon received 22 votes in the precinct.

5 Responses to Despite some difficulties, unofficial results are out – incumbents, Happel win

  1. Shylea Wingard says:

    Really appreciated your election coverage efforts. Just anxious to hear how Mr Hart did in the Commissioner race for District 3.

  2. Anne Farley says:

    I think the Madisonian is amazing. There is so much local news and great pictures. Most amazing is the online version where I can get the results of the election. This is the first time that I have been able to find out the results of the local races. Thank you for doing such a great job for our community.

  3. Barbara Hoag says:

    Thank you, thank you for getting the local election results out quickly. At last, we have access to the results without having to wait for a week or so. You do good work!

  4. […] Please don’t rely on the “Area Results At A Glance” in the Montana Standard for the Madison County election results. The latest tally is on the Madison County website and there is more information on the Madisonian’s website. […]

  5. andy debona says:

    came in only 3 days after publication! How about the results of the state initiatives?-Andy

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