Editorial: Keep in mind our political advertisement and letters policy

It’s school election time again and as questions about timing of letters and advertisements start increasing, I want to reiterate our policy.

In the interest of fairness, we will not publish political advertisements or Letters to the Editor in the edition prior to the election. That means next week, April 26, is the last chance for people to schedule their ads for the school board election and to run letters supporting candidates.

There will be one exception. If a letter or advertisement begs a rebuttal from a candidate, then we will allow that candidate to respond with a letter. This response must be limited only to the subject matter of the offending letter or advertisement.

If there are any questions, I’m happy to answer them. My goal is to be fair to everyone and to the process of electing the best candidates to the school board.

The final decision whether or not to run an advertisement or a Letter to the Editor is mine and I’m happy to work with letter writers if I have an issue with the content of a letter. As always, letters may be edited for content and length.

Please remember our Letters to the Editor policy – they must be about 350 words and accompanied by the author’s name, address and phone number. Letters that are submitted without an address and phone number will not be run. As space allows, we may be able to run longer letters. Citizens can have their letters published twice per month, so please keep that in mind if you’re one of our frequent letter writers.

Readers Speak columns need to be arranged with me prior to submission and will only be run as space allows.

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