Congratulations to Twin Bridges, proud memories for life

Football really isn’t life, but it is a pretty darn good time, particularly when you’re winning.

And as far as football goes, this was a great weekend for me – Twin Bridges won the Class C state title and the University of Montana Grizzlies pounded the Montana State University Bobcats.

I still get twinges of nostalgia during football season, thinking back to my high school days. Every now and then I even have a dream where I get to go back and put on the pads one more time for my alma mater the La Grande High School Tigers. I can still feel the grass under my knuckles and smell the wet turf. I can still conjure up the thrill of breaking through the offensive line and sacking a scrambling quarterback. In my best memories, the game announcer still calls my name and number and the local fans still cheer.

What the young men who brought the state title back to Twin Bridges this weekend don’t understand, even though I’m sure they’ve been told, is that this season will live on in their memories forever.

Remember a few weeks back when members from Twin Bridges’ 1952 state champion football team gathered for homecoming? The memories from their historic season still glow white hot in their minds and those men still share the bond of a victory nearly 60 years ago.

Someone once told me high school would be the best years of my life. That wasn’t quite true, but those years stand apart and were certainly times like no other – and sports, particularly football and wrestling, contributed greatly to my adolescence.

I remember the feeling of lining up against the other team with the distinct feeling of camaraderie – the fellas that suited up with me and dug their cleats in against the other team would have my back every play of the game. It was only us out on the field. The adults stood on the sidelines coaching and watching, but on the field we were free and we belonged to each other.

Congratulations to the Falcons on their victory. As a team they reached the top of their sport and have made all of us in Madison County proud. May the memories of this season and this team stay vivid in their minds forever.

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