Confusion over library levy resolved

Ennis voters have received a mixed message about the library mill levy on this year’s general election ballot.

The levy will benefit the Madison Valley Public Library with an additional $12,000 in revenue each year.

However, the initial information circulated in support of the levy incorrectly stated the cost of the levy to taxpayers.

The levy is for six mills and will cost a taxpayer with a $100,000 an extra $9 a year and a person with a $200,000 home an extra $18 a year.

Becky Vujovich, who is an Ennis Town Commissioner and also on the library board of directors took responsibility for the error; she provided the wrong information to the groups supporting the levy.

“It was an honest mistake and I feel terrible about it,” Vujovich said.

The incorrect information is on circulars around Ennis supporting the levy and was also in last week’s article in The Madisonian.

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