Commissioners pass resolution about missed MVRFD funds

The Madison County Board of Commissioners moved one step closer to resolving an error that left the town of Ennis off the 2010 county tax bills from the Madison Valley Rural Fire District.

The board passed a motion requesting Madison County Treasurer Shelly Burke to collect the missed 2010 taxes from Ennis residents for the benefit of the MVRFD. This means an additional 16.03 mills will be added to the 2011 Town of Ennis tax notices for one year only in order to recover taxes that were not collected from Ennis for the MVRFD in 2010.

The board also carried a motion to approve the issue of a tax refund to a Madison County resident who was incorrectly taxed for a home on his property that is in fact vacant land. For the last 10 years the resident has been assessed taxes on structures that are not located on his property. The board of commissioners may authorize a refund going as far as five years back, and may bill the correct taxpayer who owns the land where the structures are actually located going as far as ten years back. The amount to be refunded is approximately $2,550.

Commissioners also accepted a statement of substantial completion from Jeremiah Theys of Great West Engineering for the Jack Creek Bridges TSEP project. The project, which was originally scheduled for completion in December 2010, is will be finished pending the installation of object markers at both ends of the bridge.

Once the substantial completion statement becomes official contractors have 15 days to address any punch list items like the obstacle markers. The board of commissioners asked about any unpaid bills concerning the project and Theys indicated which parties had issued lien releases and which parties needed invoices for the remaining balances due.

Commissioner Dan Happel also requested a letter from the bonding agent for the project to indemnify Madison County from any undisclosed or future issues that may arise from the project

In other news the board carried a motion to approve the 2011-2012 budgets for Madison County School districts, and enrollment figures for the individual districts will be finalized in October.

There is no regular commissioner meetings scheduled next week as the board will be attending a conference for the Montana Association of Counties.

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