Commissioner form VC Ranches RID

Residents of the Virginia City Ranches subdivision southwest of Ennis will now have a way to get their roads graded and plowed, their signs fixed and weeds sprayed.

Two weeks ago, at their regular meeting, the Madison County Commissioners voted to form a rural improvement district for the subdivision after representatives from the homeowners in the area presented a petition showing 61 percent of the lot owners approved of the RID, said commissioner Dave Schulz.

“When we get it facilitated it will provide allocation of $100 per lot owner for the maintenance of the roads in the VC Ranches,” he said.

This will raise slightly less than $30,000 a year, Schulz said.

Currently, snow removal and road maintenance is done on sort of a volunteer payment system where residents pool their money out of their own volition, he said.

The RID has been in the works for a couple of years, Schulz said.

Calls to representatives from the subdivision were not returned by press time.

“It’s our hope that (the RID) is implemented in the next tax statement next fall,” he said. “It will only effect platted roads – the roads identified on the subdivision plat.”

The money will be collected by the county but administered by a board of subdivision lot owners, Schulz said. The county will offer procedural recommendations, but it will be up to those people who are taxed to decide how the money is spent.

Generally, the priority for maintenance and snow removal goes to the roads used most heavily in the subdivision.

And though $30,000 isn’t a lot of money, it will get quite a bit done if used right, Schulz said.

“It’s trying to do the most for homeowners out there without leveraging an incredible amount of money,” he said.

RIDs are not uncommon around Madison County and several groups of homeowners have used them to help fund road maintenance, Schulz said.

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