Commissioner Allhands looks to address boundary line discrepancy

After discovering a discrepancy in the county’s district boundary lines last fall, Madison County Clerk and Recorder and Election Administrator Kathleen Mumme is back on the case, this time at the request of District One Commissioner Dan Allhands.

“(Allhands) is interested in changing the commission district boundary between district one and two and he would like to see the line move north above Carey Lane (Sec 20 T5S R4W) and past his residence on Parson’s Lane and asked me to look into doing that,” said Mumme.

The boundary line in questions is between district one, which includes Virginia City, Alder, Sheridan and a portion of rural Ennis, and district two, which includes Twin Bridges, Jefferson Island and Harrison.

When asked why he would like to see the boundaries changed, Allhands said he would like to have his property in district one. Allhands’ campaign last fall saw some contention after it was discovered that he was technically residing in district two while running for commissioner of district one. In a letter to the editor in the Sept. 15, 2016, edition of The Madisonian, Allhands addressed the issue, stating he had transitioned back to his previous home in the Upper Ruby.

Housing aside, Allhands also addressed changing the boundary to be more accurate with the fire districts, which is something Mumme mimicked.

“I hope we can also include changing the precinct line and even the fire districts,” she said.

Changing the fire district lines, however, requires a petition process and public hearing, according to Mumme. Mumme also said Allhands expressed “no interest in wanting to change school district boundaries,” which would result in a much more involved process.

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