Commission votes to restrict parking on section of Bear Creek Loop Road in Cameron

The Bear Creek Road east of Cameron recieves increased traffic during hunting season that poses a potenial safety issue for local residents. Photo by Ben Coulter

At their regular meeting in Virginia City on Tuesday the Madison County Board of Commissioners carried a motion in favor of prohibiting vehicles from parking or stopping on a section of the Bear Creek Road near Cameron.

During general hunting season for elk, deer and antelope the road receives heavy traffic from hunters scouting sections of state land bordering the road. The steep barrow pits on both sides combined with limited parking options have created a public safety issue that one local resident says is downright dangerous.
The board plans to work with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks game warden Ryan Gosse to post regulatory signage along the paved, three-mile straight section of the road extending east from Cameron to prohibiting parking or stopping. When the animals come through and the spectators park on the road, Gosse says the traffic can get backed up.

“We just want to get them off that roadway,” Gosse said of the hunters.

The project is a collaborative effort between local landowners and sportsmen, and will include the designation of a small parking area inside the gate on one of the sections of state land.

Commissioner Dave Schulz emphasized that the road is open to through traffic, but parking and stopping will be prohibited during hunting season.
In other news the board received an update from public health administrator Theresa Stack and discussed the need to update the current immunization database for the county.

Stack suggested that records be updated electronically as patients receive immunizations to avoid excessive paperwork between school districts and county offices.

The board also received an Emergency Management Performance Grant award from the Department of Homeland Security and reviewed a memo of understanding for predator control between USDA Wildlife Services, the Montana Wool Growers Association and the Montana Stock Growers Association.
The next regular Madison County Board of Commissioners meeting will be Oct. 18 in Virginia City.

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