Natural Resource News

Do your animals need wind protection? Do you want to save money by reducing your energy consumption? Do you want to reduce noise, create a visual barrier or establish wildlife habitat? There are many conservation benefits to planting a windbreak, shelterbelt or getting trees and shrubs established.

Commodity Insite

Listening to a market analyst based in New York earlier this week I heard him refer to the stock market as having, “attention deficit disorder.” I don’t disagree but the same description can be equally applied to the commodity markets as well.

Cowboy Poetry

Shopping Frenzy

I drove on down to Sportsman’s Shop to buy a brand-new cap. But, when I stepped in through the doors they had me in their trap.

I’m not talking ‘bout the trap that snares your foot and won’t let go. I’m alluding to the shopping trance. Why couldn’t I say no?

This, Our Valley

Compassion is … a spirituality and a way of walking through life. It is the way we treat all there is in life – ourselves, our bodies, our imaginations and dreams, our neighbors, our enemies … Compassion is a spirituality as if creation mattered. It is treating all creation as holy and as divine … which is what it is. – Matthew Fox

Cowboy Poetry

Old Cowboy

The young men laughed when he entered the room. The years had passed him all too soon. So few remembered his cowboy way. Those good times gone, he’d seen his day.

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