Clancey selected as new Ennis mayor

The Ennis town commission selected a new mayor last week, but he’s a familiar face at town hall.

Pat Clancey was selected Ennis mayor last Monday during a special town commission meeting. Clancey was the chairman of the Ennis Town Commission before his appointment. He had served on the commission for more than a decade.

“I’ve been up there involved in the town government for 12 years or so,” Clancey said. “I have a familiarity with the issues we’ve been working on.”

Clancey takes over for John Clark, who died last month.

The commission had two candidates file for the office – Clancey and Ennis teacher Alinon Arpin.

Clancey had more than a year left on his term as commissioner, but felt stepping in as mayor to serve out Clark’s term would help the town transition from Clark to a new mayor.

Clancey’s term as mayor will last through December 2013. The next mayoral election will be November 2013. He’s not planning on running for mayor again and is anticipating retiring from town government after his time as mayor is done. He had already decided this term as commissioner was his last.

“That’s a decision I made over two years ago, of course not anticipating this, but I’m still sticking to that plan,” he said.

Clancey will try and pick up where Clark left off on projects facing the town, including finding another municipal water source and hiring a two town employees – a zoning administrator and another person in the public works department.

Additionally, the town planning board has a full work load facing them now and he wants to help with that as well.

“They’ve got a lot of stuff on their plate right now and we just need to figure out which ones are the top priorities and get them turned out,” he said.

As mayor, Clancey will essentially be the executive director of the town, overseeing employees and all town operations. However, he won’t likely keep regular office hours due to his fulltime work as a fisheries biologist with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

But he’ll be in regular communication with town employees and be at town hall as he is needed, he said.

In Ennis, the mayor receives an $800 a month salary.

The process now begins to replace Clancey on the town commission. Ennis residents wishing to serve on the town commission should submit a letter of interest. The commission will establish a timeline for selecting a new commissioner at an upcoming meeting. For more information, call town hall at 682-4287.

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