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Please return my sweet golden retriever

On Friday, Sept. 12, at approximately 10 a.m., I was opening my little store in Ennis with the help of my golden retriever. I was interrupted for a very brief time by a phone call and in that short period of time, someone(s) decided to dognap my sweet 6-year-old golden. I’m a senior citizen and she is my companion dog. Now two hearts are broken and it’s very difficult to be here alone. You know where you got her so please return her. No questions. $1,000 reward. Or get in touch with White and White Veterinary Clinic in Ennis, and I will come get her.

Students need education, not debt

Dear Editor: We all know someone in college or with children in college. For years the cost of college has risen far faster than the cost of living. It is common and necessary to finance education through Federal Student Loan Programs. Currently there are approximately 40 million people with Student Loans with the debt amounting […]

Letters to the Editor-April 24, 2014

Readers Speak: Ennis superintendent explains ballot issue By Superintendent John M. Overstreet The annual school election will be held on Tuesday, May 6.  Since we only have one candidate running for the one open position, there will not be an election for trustee.   Incumbent Lisa Frye decided not to seek reelection this year.  Jaret Laurence […]

Letters to the Editor-April 17, 2014

Some reminders about our Letters to the Editor Dear our valued readers; When reading the letters printed on our weekly opinion page, please keep in mind that the letters are just that—our readers’ opinions.  The Madisonian does not endorse viewpoints nor do we guarantee the accuracy of information found within our readers’ opinions.