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Around the world … And settling in Montana

I found a stack of old pictures in a bin under my guest room bed last week and began reminiscing. Of particular interest were photos from my junior year of college. That was the year I spent traveling the world – first a study abroad semester in Ireland, and then an internship where I worked as a reporter in South Africa.

Emptying the freezer, just in time to fill it again

A few weeks ago, The Madisonian participated in the Ennis Hunters Feed. If you’re not familiar with the feed, it always takes place the afternoon before opening day of rifle season and is a chance for locals to empty out their freezers by preparing wild game dishes for the community to taste and enjoy.

Man’s best friend, my best friend

I’ve always liked dogs, but I never thought of myself as a quote-on-quote dog person. My parents are definitely not dog people. When I was just a kid, I started begging for a dog. My pleas fell on deaf ears, until one day, 8-year-old Abby sat them down and explained that I knew their reasons for not wanting a pet, but that I felt like I didn’t belong in the family if we couldn’t have a dog.