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Sharp pencils. Crisp, lined paper. Crayons and colored markers. A new backpack. I was one of those kids who was always excited for the start of each school year. I was painfully shy, though, so the first day always brought a weird mix of enthusiasm and utter panic. What if I don’t have the right supplies? What if I don’t make any friends? What if I don’t have a place to sit at lunch? What if I forget my lunch!?

The importance of access … And balancing a personal life with work

In last week’s paper, the issue of public access around the Ruby Reservoir was made apparent. It’s an issue that makes me sad – a lot of what makes Montana so wonderful is the public’s ability to explore and benefit from our natural resources. Our lakes, our rivers, our forests and our mountains are our greatest asset.

It’s me again … but with a new role!

Abigail here. Occasionally, I’ve hijacked some column inches in the newspaper to reach out to our readers. Usually, it’s to say thank you – thank you for reading the newspaper and thank you for interacting with us. Today, I’m reaching out to share some exciting news.

I got a promotion! Now, I’m your editor, and I’m so excited.

Please return my sweet golden retriever

On Friday, Sept. 12, at approximately 10 a.m., I was opening my little store in Ennis with the help of my golden retriever. I was interrupted for a very brief time by a phone call and in that short period of time, someone(s) decided to dognap my sweet 6-year-old golden. I’m a senior citizen and she is my companion dog. Now two hearts are broken and it’s very difficult to be here alone. You know where you got her so please return her. No questions. $1,000 reward. Or get in touch with White and White Veterinary Clinic in Ennis, and I will come get her.