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AirMedCare Network pulls Montana memberships after house legislation passes

Two years ago, the Madison County commissioners purchased a county-wide air ambulance membership through what is now AirMedCare Network. Due to legislation passed in the 2017 session, AirMedCare Network has pulled its membership program from the state of Montana. But what does this mean for Madison County residents?

Trash talk: Solid waste board hears complaints about Cardwell site

Residents addressed the solid waste board at the meeting asking what could be done to control the overflow of trash and keep people who are not Madison County residents from utilizing the site. Everything from constructing a fence around the site to signs to enforcing a fine was suggested.

How knowing basic CPR could save a life

“It gives you the opportunity to keep someone alive,” said Mara Johnson, senior nursing student at Montana State University. Johnson and her classmates were on hand at the Madison Valley Health Fair last week to promote compression-only cardiopulmonary resuscitation and teach people how to administer chest-compress-only CPR.

Bill Sinclair: giving back through search and rescue

“He has done a great deal of improvements in facilities, equipment and training … his group is the poster child for search and rescue groups in our state,” said Frank Colwell, one of the few people to nominate Bill Sinclair for The Madisonian’s volunteer spotlight.