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Sportsman’s Lodge in Ennis burns

In the early morning hours of Jan. 20, the Ennis restaurant and bar caught fire

Virginia City, Nevada City produce $62.2 million for state

The popular tourist destination of Virginia City and Nevada City benefit Montana’s economy, and this year the 2015 legislature has a few bills that may impact the towns.


A much-anticipated Verizon cell phone tower is under construction in the Ruby Valley. The tower is located just outside of Twin Bridges and should improve coverage throughout much of the Ruby Valley. According to Verizon media contact Meagan Dorsch, the tower will be up and running in early 2015.

An unusually high number of calves missing from Gravelly Mountain Range following summer grazing

In an easily accessible mountain range like the Gravelly Mountains, where livestock producers graze cattle on summer Forest Service allotments, integrity is key. Producers rely on the integrity of people driving the Gravelly Range Road not to mess with their cattle.

THE JACK CREEK DEBATE: County claims to improve public safety, residents worry about stream health

Public safety is a county’s responsibility – sometimes, that requires maintenance on roadways to improve things like line of sight. On a particular country road in the Madison Valley with close proximity to a stream, residents are wondering if commissioner Jim Hart has overstepped his boundaries when doing maintenance on the road.