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Group discusses lack of access around Ruby Reservoir at interagency meeting

“One of the places I’ve always liked to fish is the Ruby Reservoir,” said Tom Pruitt, Alder resident. “Access has never been a problem.”

Pruitt said five years ago, the west side of the reservoir was bought up and closed off, followed by the land at the south end of the lake.

Sheep in the Gravellys – Judge denies injunction, allows Helle sheep to continue to graze on BDNF allotments

On July 8, U.S. District Judge Brian Morris denied an injunction from the Gallatin Wildlife Association, after the group requested to halt sheep grazing on two allotments in the Gravelly Mountains.

Mother Nature’s in control: A look at fire season

Fire season has always been at the mercy of Mother Nature, and this season is proving to be no different.

The state as a whole is seeing dryer, hotter summer temperatures than in previous years, but west of the continental divide has the worst conditions, according to Bob Hoenisch, incident meteorologist and fire weather program leader out of Great Falls.