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FWP biologist completes summer antelope survey for Madison

If you live in the Madison Valley and saw a blue and yellow fixed-wing plane soaring overhead on Aug. 7, it was most likely Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks biologist Julie Cunningham.
Cunningham flies over the Madison Valley four times a year completing surveys – once in the winter for elk, once in both the winter and summer for antelope and once in the spring for mule deer. On Aug. 7, she was surveying antelopes, or pronghorns.

Commissioners discuss future plans for county courthouse

With county offices up and running at the new Madison County Administrative Building in Virginia City, the commissioners are turning their attention to the courthouse.
“We’re in the first stages of moving departments around and we’ll likely be creating a second courtroom for Justice Court,” said Madison County commissioner Dave Schulz. “At this point, we’re looking at future improvements.”

The Ennis Senior Center becomes an actuality at the hands of volunteers

Nail by nail and board by board, the Ennis Senior Center is taking shape in the old Pit Stop Pizza building across from Town Hall.
“It’s all volunteer work,” explained John Heckler, a member of the board for the senior center. “We will be serving our first meal the first part of October this year.”
Heckler and other volunteers have been working tirelessly to renovate the building and turn it into a home for seniors in Ennis.

Expect delays heading toward Ruby Creek Campground on the Madison River

Construction on Ruby Creek Road is underway, and the Bureau of Land Management says visitors using the road should anticipate up to 15 minute delays.
“The road will remain open throughout the paving project, which runs through Sept. 8,” according to a BLM press release.
The road runs parallel to the highway and starts near McAtee Bridge. It runs a little over three miles to the Ruby Creek day use area and campground, which will undergo a renovation later this fall.