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Montana’s Arctic grayling avoid listing as endangered species

Madison County’s rivers are renowned for recreation opportunities and varied wildlife – one native fish in particular is now making a comeback in the area. Southwest Montana is home to the last remaining native Arctic graylingin the lower 48 states.

Record breaking tourism in Virginia City, Nevada City

Virginia City and Nevada City are the number one state-owned tourist attraction in Montana. From July 2013 through June 2014, the two little towns hosted 401,736 visitors and this coming year is headed in the same direction.

The Thompson-Hickman Library will receive a 2,368 square foot addition

When bids for an expansion to the Thompson-Hickman County Library came in higher than the library board’s budget, it was back to the drawing board until Aug. 14, when the board accepted a bid from G&G Housing out of Whitehall for the construction of the addition.

Fire season returning to normal in SW Montana

The hazy skies in Madison County are the product of various fires burning across Oregon, Washington, Northern California, the Idaho panhandle and near Missoula. Now, Southwest Montana may be joining other parts of the region and entering a more active fire season than it has experienced in the last few months.

County commits $20K to economic development

A new agreement between Madison County and the Northern Rocky Mountain Economic Development District (NRMEDD) will give businesses and not-for-profits in the Madison and Ruby Valleys resources for economic growth.
“What is important to me is the end result,” said Les Gilman, a Madison County Economic Development Council board member and owner of IH Cattle Company near Alder. “In the end, we want economic development.”