Carcass composting on the horizon in Madison County

Various groups in Madison County have come together to continue the discussion about a possible carcass composting site and pick up program in the county with the help of necessary state agencies as they zero in on a location at the Twin Bridges landfill.

Staff from the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT), Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Madison Valley Ranchlands Group, Madison Conservation District, Ruby Valley Conservation District, Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks (FWP), Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) and People and Carnivores discussed the future of the process at the Jan. 27 Board of Madison County Commissioners meeting. The discussion was a follow up to meetings held the past two months and included talks with Twin Bridges landfill site manager Ed Smathers.  DNRC’s Tim Egan said he did not see any issues with the proposed composting site and the county’s land use lease with the agency for the landfill. Egan said he did not foresee any issues with having the composting site at the landfill.

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