2012 Buy Local Business Expo promotes Ruby Valley commerce

The Buy Local committee from the Greater Ruby Valley Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture will host the fifth annual Local Business Expo on Saturday May 12,  where local businesses will come together with the rest of the community to promote commerce throughout the valley and Madison County.

In years past more than 40 different vendors have set up for the event that was held at the Madison County Fairgrounds. But this year the Expo will take place in the multi purpose gym at Twin Bridges School starting at 10 a.m. promises to be a family-oriented, kid-friendly day full of fun that is free and open to the public, said committee chair Sarah Miller. And while the Expo may be a nice way for families to come and see what’s new in the Ruby Valley, it’s also an opportunity for local businesses to market their products and services while networking with the rest of the community.

“You can come and see what the variety is,” Miller said of the event. “Coming to the expo would be an opportunity to see how rich we are with entrepreneurial spirit and how many things are actually available locally here in the Ruby Valley.”

The expo will offer a little bit of everything, from local food vendors offering a taste of the Ruby Valley to home-based businesses just hoping to spread the word about what they do through the rest of the community. Local artists will be on-hand to display their work as well as youth organizations fundraising for various activities. The booth rental fee is $20 for members of the GRVCCA and $30 for non-members, and vendors are not required to have a business license.

Miller explains that the opportunities presented by the expo are two-fold, both for individual business owners and the community as a whole. It gives vendors a chance to interact with their neighbors and attract new customers to their business.

“You open up the potential for all these new customers that maybe didn’t know that you were there or didn’t know what your services are, what products you offer,” she said.

The expo also provides and outlet for the community to engage and communicate with local businesses about what their needs are.

“The community can have a chance to put in their two cents of what else they’d like businesses to offer or what services they’d like to have,” Miller said.

The GRVCCA Buy Local committee works to facilitate communication because local businesses and consumers and encourages people to increase their local purchases by 10 percent. Keeping transactions within the local economy only strengthens the community by promoting a sense of responsibility between businesses to buy from and support each other.

“The Buy Local committee is about providing networking opportunities for business people, showing support for each other and also helping to educate the public about what businesses and services are available locally,” Miller said.

For more information about the expo visit www.rubyvalleychamber.com or contact Sarah Miller at 684-5222.

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